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    Ok I have a question regarding the databases. Database 1 contains the 4-13 bit-strings for the 2-years of raw data. Database 2 contains the 4-13 fractal bit-strings AND the zigzag bar count. Now we are suppose to look for similarities between the two databases and record them in database 3. For instance, if bit-string {101011} appears in database 1 & 2 then it gets recorded in database 3. Also, as far as occurrence goes, however many times this bit-string appears in database 1 then that is how many times we record it in database 3. For instance, if (101011} appears 1,000 times in database 1 and only 100 times in database 2 then we record this bit-string 1,000 times in database 3. So here is my question. The zigzag bar count is tied to the fractal bit-strings from database 2. So if we only have 100 fractal bit-strings for (101011} then we only have 100 bar count sequences. So if we transfer this to database 3 we will have 1,000 bit-string sequences of {101011} but only 100 bar count sequences. How do we rectify this or am I not understanding something? Can someone please advise?