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      Try to salvage every major document & important posts from FF, before it going down the drain…
      It will help others to understand, start and eliminate a lot of already answered questions.



        Nice to see your here GG


          I really loved that GGs thread on FF and i believe in the project though i cannot code but i am happy to see some of us from there here especially GG. Looking forward to its completion


            Really excited to have you here GG! Hopefully we can direct some questions your way if we get stuck with something :-)

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              Hi guys,

              Here is a document which I compiled from gg’s thread and the old ultimate truth thread (rough copy).

              Also made up with Crodzilla’s doc about probability, Kilian19 and others.

              GG, if you could scan through it to see if it’s accurate, feel free to clarify anything.

              Many thanks


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                Hi there,

                GG, nice to see you on the board, hope you can help out us and we can achive our goals;)

                Madmoney, thanks for the brilliant doc!

                Saver0, thanks for the site, it is very professional!

                I try to contribute as much as I can.



                  Thanks for all the work you’re putting in here!

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