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    Hi Saver0,
    Great work here. I try to play with NodeJs + MariaDB (mysql family) and it works (after i mode some modification of “NodeJs Mysql connection example” post. I can see the oscillator as result of your indicator at MT4 using your NodeJs server script + MT4 http connection (downloaded from github). I want to try to create something in NodeJS for later use, ex. your great work on signal or similar thing (but start from small first), but i am stuck at the moment.
    I think the first thing i must do, is to try to get some data from MT4 (candles and such) and store it to database, via NodeJS http server. Before i am going further, i want to make this clear first :
    a) NodeJs as (http) server, waiting at specified port and respond accordingly based on what the client (MT4) tell it to do
    b) So, MT4 as client must send the data (in this case, NodeJS will not pull the data, but waiting the ‘pushed data’ from MT4), is it right ?
    c) But at your post here : , you set interval of 5 minutes, i assume it is the NodeJS script … it means NodeJS is not only waiting, but always send request in each 5 minutes to pull data from MT4 ? If i need M1 candles, i must set it to 1 minute … and to get lets say 14 pairs candle data of TF M1-D1, is it still ok ? (the load will be not too big and will not crash my PC ? )
    d) For this purpose, i think the NodeJS server script must be modified to request data from MT4, and store it to database. Or it is better that MT4 indicator push data to NodeJS every time the new candle comes (and/or signal), and NodeJS just always waiting, after it gets data from MT4, then it will do some tasks to database ?
    e) As i tried your indicator and i killed the NodeJS server accidentally, my MT4 was hang …. how can we know that there is still NodeJS server running from MT4, before MT4 indicator try to always communicate with the server ?
    Any tips, ideas are welcome. Thank you in advance. D.