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      Hi everybody!

      Welcome to the group. I have committed to GitHub a working copy of the Fractals Arrow indicator that I built. It’s at where I last left off. There are still number of things that needs to be implemented. The code needs to be reviewed a bit as well to make sure that I got the correct logic in there. I will add more comments to the MQL4 indicator so that you can understand what I’m doing as I get more time. I have a couple more things to finish up for the site and to release. I hope you or someone with more time can start looking through the code and make changes.

      If you are new to GitHub, please look through some tutorials on how to use it. You can commit your changes to the DEV branch so we can keep the development separate from the releases. We can keep changes nicely organized at GitHub to make collaboration easier on this project.

      Please ask all questions you have. But Please use google first :)

      Let’s finish this up together!

      Focus, Patience, Determination & Order in chaos


        That’s more like it. Here we can post directly with images.
        First immage is an abstract picture of a river flow – white lines are the river banks, green is the center current.
        Second image is the same, but someone put Fractals on the river banks.
        Does that truly represent the river flow?


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          Yea, this is very interesting. So it seems we should take into consideration the fractals formed on the close of each bar rather than the high/low of traditional fractals.

          Is that what you use in your algorithm GG?


          Focus, Patience, Determination & Order in chaos

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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